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Why ESS, Inc.

Why should you spend your environmental and occupational safety dollars with us? Big or small, environmental and safety consulting firms do much of the same thing. So what makes us different than our competitors? Three words. Response, approach and follow-up. As a mid-sized company, we have the flexibility to do things our own way and design a business model that reflects our beliefs in how we treat our customers and how we approach environmental and occupational safety. As a minority owned company, we bring diverse viewpoints to solution sets that will give you options on how to incorporate environmental and occupational safety into your processes to improve your bottom line and the safety of your employees and the environment.

What do you want when you call for environmental or occupational safety help? To talk to a computer who might eventually put you in contact with a real person? To be told that they will get to you in a month or so when they can free someone up? We believe that you want to talk to a person who will listen to your needs and respond in a timely manner. No run around, no long waits, just the service you need when you need it. Being mid-sized, we can take the time to really listen to your needs and wants and still have the staff to provide the environmental and safety solutions you need for your business.  The workplace is ever changing and you don’t need to be waiting for a response to your needs. We provide the response you need, when you need it.

Our president, Mr. Grayson, is not your traditional environmental and safety professional. He started in the business world as a mechanical engineer who moved into the environmental and safety field and found his true calling. As a result, we don’t view environmental or occupational safety as a stand-alone process. Rather, we view environmental and occupational safety as part of your overall process that drives the bottom line of your company. When we approach an environmental or occupational safety problem, don’t be surprised when we start looking at other processes and systems in your company.

We take a holistic approach to insure that the solutions we provide for you will fit into your existing management style and company culture. We want our environmental and safety solutions to not only work today, but to become part of your daily operations, just like production and quality. Your bottom line is not only important to you, it is important to us, so our environmental and safety solutions have to be designed to be usable, practical and flexible.

When you receive that final report, everything is done, right? Well, not quite. There is lot to do between getting the report and implementing the environmental and safety solutions into your work processes and systems. We don’t walk out the door and leave you on your own after you get the final report. We are your partner in protecting your investment and your people. We will work with you to implement the environmental and safety solutions, and will be there to make modifications if the original solutions doesn’t work the way it should. Even once everything is up and running, we still check with you to insure everything is working properly and provide any tweak or change that might be necessary. Environmental and occupational safety is a dynamic process that is constantly changing. You need to have the flexibility to change with the times and our follow-up and support will give you that flexibility.

So, why should you spend your environmental and occupational safety dollars with us? We believe we can provide you with the environmental and occupational safety solutions that will enhance your processes, protect your people and, in doing so, will enhance your bottom line. We want to be your partner, helping you achieve your goals for a safe and profitable business. Please look through the services we provide and if you have questions, we are here to answer them and begin a successful partnership towards a company that meets or exceeds governmental compliance while being profitable.

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