One of the most devastating injuries to a company’s workers compensation experience is a back injury.  It is also one of the most devastating to a worker, affecting their professional career as well as their personal life.  And these injuries linger for years, if not a lifetime.  Companies sell back braces, lifting classes and other band aids when what they should be talking to you about is ergonomics. Whether you are in an office setting, a construction site, a production floor, hospital, farm, etc. the potential is there to have jobs that increase your risk of back or other muscular-skeletal injuries. It is only by better understanding the relationship between the worker and their working environment that changes can be made to reduce the probability of injury. That is what ergonomics does through the science of biomechanics, proper workplace design and the use of mechanical devices to perform repetitive, awkward or lifting functions.

     We can help you identify ergonomic hazards in your workplace through the use of trained professionals who specialize in the science of ergonomics.  They will examine the job functions, the job settings and work with the employee and supervisors to determine the scope of the job.  By involving the employee and supervisor in the job design process, we address not only the technical aspects of reducing the risk, but also address the human element, designing a solution that will be understood and used by the employee and supervisor.  It is that partnership between our professionals, the employee and the supervisor that will deliver the optimal solution to your problem and result in a solution that will be utilized for years to come.