Job Safety Analysis (JSA) is a tool used by safety professionals to break down a job into its component parts and determine what hazards are present. This allows the safety professional to design the job to eliminate the hazard or put controls into place that will protect employees from the hazard. Hazards might include hazardous chemicals, temperature extremes, moving machine parts, fall from heights, ergonomic risk factors and other hazards. The job can then be redesigned to reduce those risks, making it more comfortable and safer for the employee, which usually results in improved production, employee retention, morale and product quality.

What makes us different is that we go deeper, looking at the system that each job is part of.  While looking at each job separately is important, stopping there may ignore other hazards that are part of the whole system that can impact the employee. It also doesn’t allow for identifying opportunities for improvement in the system that can positively benefit production and quality control. By taking this holistic approach to JSA’s, we identify more safety related issues that need corrected, as well as other opportunities to make the workplace safer and more productive.

Your success is important to us and we can use this tool to assist you in becoming more productive and having a safer workplace.