Slapping a guard on a machine is not a hard task. That is, is you don’t care if you get it right or that the guard is protecting what you want protected, doesn’t interfere with production and servicing the machine, if the employees don’t bypass it because it doesn’t work right and if it doesn’t introduce new hazards when it is installed. So maybe just slapping a stock guard on that machine isn’t such a great idea after all.

We start the machine guarding process by doing a full analysis of the machine to be guarded, identifying all the hazards and evaluating the best method to protect those hazards from coming into contact with your employees. Most companies stop there. But we go further, discussing the process with the employees who use the machine, the supervisors who are in charge of the machine and the maintenance personnel who maintain the machine. We also evaluate the necessary training for the machine operators and how the machine fits into the production process. We want a guard that will be easy to use, easy to maintain and one that does not interfere with production and quality control.

Once the full analysis is done, we design guarding systems that meet the needs of the individual machine and the people that use it. Through the installation process, we monitor the work being done and insure that it is not only being done properly, but that it is done in a professional manner that does not introduce new hazards into the workplace. Once the guard is installed and functional, we come back to discuss the guard with the people who use it to insure it is meeting their needs. We also do a full inspection of the machine to OSHA regulatory standards to insure that your final product will meet the OSHA requirements.

Your machinery and your workers are the lifeblood of your company and keeping both working smoothly together to deliver your products is important to you and to us. We want to partner with you to design the best machine guarding system that will protect your employees and your equipment, be easy to maintain, allow easy maintenance of your equipment and enhance your production process.