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Why should you spend your environmental and occupational safety dollars with us? Big or small, environmental and safety consulting firms do much of the same thing. So what makes us different than our competitors? Three words. Response, approach and follow-up. As a mid-sized company, we have the flexibility to do things our own way and design a business model that reflects our beliefs in how we treat our customers and how we approach environmental and occupational safety. As a minority owned company, we bring diverse viewpoints to solution sets that will give you options on how to incorporate environmental and occupational safety into your processes to improve your bottom line and the safety of your employees and the environment.

What do you want when you call for environmental or occupational safety help? To talk to a computer who might eventually put you in contact with a real person? To be told that they will get to you in a month or so when they can free someone up? We believe that you want to talk to a person who will listen to your needs and respond in a timely manner. No run around, no long waits, just the service you need when you need it. Being mid-sized, we can take the time to really listen to your needs and wants and still have the staff to provide the environmental and safety solutions you need for your business.  The workplace is ever changing and you don’t need to be waiting for a response to your needs. We provide the response you need, when you need it.

Our president, Mr. Grayson, is not your traditional environmental and safety professional. He started in the business world as a mechanical engineer who moved into the environmental and safety field and found his true calling. As a result, we don’t view environmental or occupational safety as a stand-alone process. Rather, we view environmental and occupational safety as part of your overall process that drives the bottom line of your company. When we approach an environmental or occupational safety problem, don’t be surprised when we start looking at other processes and systems in your company.

We take a holistic approach to insure that the solutions we provide for you will fit into your existing management style and company culture. We want our environmental and safety solutions to not only work today, but to become part of your daily operations, just like production and quality. Your bottom line is not only important to you, it is important to us, so our environmental and safety solutions have to be designed to be usable, practical and flexible.

When you receive that final report, everything is done, right? Well, not quite. There is lot to do between getting the report and implementing the environmental and safety solutions into your work processes and systems. We don’t walk out the door and leave you on your own after you get the final report. We are your partner in protecting your investment and your people. We will work with you to implement the environmental and safety solutions, and will be there to make modifications if the original solutions doesn’t work the way it should. Even once everything is up and running, we still check with you to insure everything is working properly and provide any tweak or change that might be necessary. Environmental and occupational safety is a dynamic process that is constantly changing. You need to have the flexibility to change with the times and our follow-up and support will give you that flexibility.

So, why should you spend your environmental and occupational safety dollars with us? We believe we can provide you with the environmental and occupational safety solutions that will enhance your processes, protect your people and, in doing so, will enhance your bottom line. We want to be your partner, helping you achieve your goals for a safe and profitable business. Please look through the services we provide and if you have questions, we are here to answer them and begin a successful partnership towards a company that meets or exceeds governmental compliance while being profitable.

Safety Training Services

Safety Training Services

Choose one of our designed programs or we can customize safety solutions to meet all your needs.

Unique Services

Unique Services

From Machine Hazard Analysis and Job Safety to Return to Work, we have the right program for you.

Project Portfolio

Project Portfolio

We have serviced small, mid and large sized companies with great testimonials of delivering excellence.

Safety Personnel

Safety Personnel

We recruit and placed highly qualified personnel in many industries.  Candidates can apply online.


Our Partners

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Projects for Small, Mid & Large-sized Companies

ESS, Inc. covers every trade within various industries.  We have been partnering and delivering full project management with excellence for over 15 years.

Highly-trained and effective safety experts with knowledge from various industries.
We analyze, execute and assess your safety needs with the best solutions.
Safety solutions that exceed your expectations while maximizing bottom line
Recognized as a leader in construction and environmental safety


     The relationship between ESS, Inc. and Duke Energy began with staffing full time safety managers on Flue Gas Desulphurization System projects in the Midwest region.  The first project ESS, Inc. completed for Duke Energy was at the Miami Fort Station located in North Bend, Ohio.  Miami Fort Station is a 1,080 megawatt, coal-steam power station. During the course of the project, two new smoke stacks, two absorber towers, wastewater treatment building, variable frequency drive building, transfer towers, conveyor systems and crane system for lime delivery to the plant were constructed. At the height of the project, there were roughly 1,000 contractors on site.

     The role of the full time safety managers was to implement Duke Energy’s Environmental Health and Safety policy, and to coordinate safety efforts of all of the contractors and subcontractors safety representatives on the site. To summarize, the following were highlights of the implementation process:

  • Daily site safety audits
  • Facilitation of weekly safety meetings with the Contractors Safety Managers
  • Weekly site safety audits with the Contractors Safety Managers
  • Safety Action Item lists containing time frames to complete corrective actions Weekly reports to the Duke project team on current status of safety on the project Monthly project wide safety meetings
  • Regular contact with the Duke Engineers acting as liaisons with the contractors Communication with Duke corporate EHS Manager and Subject Matter Experts Employee training and new hire orientations
  • Modification of site safety policy when necessary to prevent injury or property damage
  • Incident Investigations
  • Open lines of communications with the workers
  • Creation of safety incentive programs to promote a safe working culture


Members of our core team visit the Solon Ohio facility regularly for a wide array of services. We have developed ECP’s on over 150 pieces of production and auxiliary mechanical equipment (boilers, chillers, etc.). We have also assisted in the development of GPI Solon’s written LOTO Safety Management Program, and provided training for plant employees to assure compliance with their written safety programs.

Vessels, tanks and other spaces within the facility that were under question regarding status as Confined Spaces were evaluated. Written safety programs for Confined Spaces and Procedures for entry for all Confined Spaces were developed by E & SS. Points of interest within the procedures include execution of ECP’s, air monitoring and rescue procedures. Once the programs and procedures were written, E & SS provided training to the employees in the facility that covered elements of the written programs and the role (if any) of each employee in an Entry process. E & SS developed Confined Space Hazard Forms for evaluation of all Confined Spaces.

E & SS has also conducted a Machine Guarding assessment on all of the plant equipment, created written programs such as HAZCOM and Employee Right to Know, and assisted the facility HSE Manager with Hazardous Waste Management. We are currently developing Job Safety Analysis for all job tasks in the plant.



The entire project was planned under (3) segments of construction.  Prior to initiation of the third segment of construction, it was determined that each of the projects needed to have a full-time Construction Safety Coordinator on site.  E & SS is included in all of the bid documents for Segment 3 as the company who will be providing these services. The role of the Construction Safety Coordinator is to implement the Site Specific Health and Safety Plans through management of the processes that are required to create and maintain a safe and productive work environment. Each site is staffed with one of our safety professionals who are dedicated to the site full-time. We are mirroring the work that we do successfully at Duke Energy projects. The following is a reiteration of the elements of our process in Construction Safety Management:

  • Daily site safety audits
  • Immediate correction of safety issues that pose imminent danger
  • Weekly Safety Action Items lists of safety issues discovered that indicate which contractors are responsible for a particular safety or environmental issue, recommended corrective actions and dates the items must be completed
  • Weekly reports to the superintendents and foremen on current status of safety on the project
  • Monthly project safety meetings with Contractor Owners and Project Managers
  • Regular contact with the CPS / Turner / DAG / DYS liaisons
  • Accompany the Owner’s (CPS) Insurance Risk Manager on monthly site audits
  • Modification of site safety policy when necessary to prevent injury or property damage
  • Incident Investigations
  • New hire orientations
  • Open lines of communications with the workers


ESS, Inc. entered contract with Durobag to perform a Hazard Assessment and Machine Guarding Analysis at the Walton facility.  Each piece of equipment was examined to determine types of guarding that would protect employees from injury. The challenge on this project was to determine the types of guards that could be used in a process that is classified as “flexible.” The equipment is modified on a regular basis to suit the design of the product that is being manufactured. For example, Week 1 of the month small Starbucks bags may be produced, and Week 2 large Macy’s bags may be produced on the same machine.  The order in which ink and handles are applied may be different due to the type of paper used for the different products. Due to the constant reconfiguration, E & SS had to resolve guarding issues by recommending installation of guards that would protect employees from hazards such as pinch and nip points, but one flexible in nature for ease in application during any machine reconfiguration.

In addition to this service, ESS, Inc.  performed a soft audit on the Energy Control Procedures at the site. During the project, we also reported observed environmental and safety concerns to management on a daily and weekly basis.  Entering contract with us for specific services does not limit our customers to the specific scope.


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C&K Industrial Services

Environmental, Safety and Health regulatory compliance is very important to our business and to our customers.  We have been supported by Environmental and Safety Solutions Inc services since early 2011.  At that time, we over hauled our compliance efforts and partnered with Environmental and Safety Solutions Inc. to provide field support at various sites in the mid-west.  This partnership has resulted in significant increase in compliance and better support to our customers.  We highly recommend Environmental and Safety Solutions Inc. for the SBA 2012 Small Business Person of the Year award.

Duke Energy

Environmental and Safety Solutions, Inc. (ESS) has supported Duke Energy since 2006, but my area specifically, since late 2011.  In this short time, ESS has supported construction and operations & maintenance assignments throughout the region.  Currently, ESS provides safety consulting and technical training long term assignments in Ohio and Indiana.  They are integral to our ongoing OSHA and EPA compliance efforts and have provided excellent services to the Field Support group.  The people of ESS continue to provide outstanding customer service, comprehensive knowledge and strong safety awareness while exceeding expectations.

General Electric

Everyone at ESS, Inc. has established the utmost in professionalism, responsiveness and attention to quality that we demand.  I would like to highlight a few recent projects that ESS completed for us that have driven our business integration to full EHS compliance.  At our facility in Evendale, OH, they conducted an in-depth gap analysis on machine guarding, completed a competent person ESS training for power presses and collected documentation for our VPP certification.  In our Butte, Montana partnership facility, ESS completed and ESS audit and successfully integrated the safety program to ensure regulatory compliance.  This partnership has resulted in a significant increases with the leadership team to drive compliance and training to better support our customers.

Turner Construction Company

ESS, Inc. has been selected by the Cincinnati Public School District and Turner Construction Company as a professional service to provide full-time safety coordinators on the Cincinnati Public School construction projects…..ESS, Inc has provided excellent construction safety services on our Cincinnati Public School building projects.  They are dedicated, serious minded professionals who are quite knowledge in their field.  We feel that with ESS, Inc.’s involvement the last couple of years that the safety program and record on the CPS construction projects is second to none.

Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati

As the Executive Director of the Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati, I recommend ESS, Inc. as a dependable and qualified company specializing in OSHA and EPA compliances.  Through the business relationship with ESS, I believe MSDCG is in a better position to provide those services which are expected by our customers…..The team provided a professional, non-invasive assessment that culminated in a robust report that culminated in a robust report that guided MSDCG in developing a proactive strategic plan to strengthen our current systems.  Partnering with ESS, Inc. on-site staff, MSDCG is confident that our programs, policies and procedures will become best in class and set industry standards for employee safety and environmental protection in the water and sewer systems business.


I have had the opportunity to work with Lonnie’s organization primarily in the area of professional safety staffing.  Everyone at E&SS, Inc. has exhibited the utmost in professionalism, responsiveness, and attention to quality.  Most recently, ESS, Inc was able to provide me with a highly qualified safety professional to support key initiatives in support of the launch of our newest automobile plant in Mississippi.  Even though I gave him a very short timeframe, he did an excellent job of resourcing qualified candidates in a timely manner.  A few weeks after filling the position a member of his staff followed-up with me to confirm the placement was successful.  They truly are dedicated to meeting their customer’s needs.

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